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Many university employees collect, manage, and handle Highly Restricted and Restricted data in the course of performing their duties. Sensitive information can take many forms including employees’ personal data, students’ academic records, financial records, health records, and other personally identifiable information. The safety of university information is a shared responsibility. We depend on the skill set of our staff to help regulate UCF’s security posture. As a University employee, it is your responsibility to know and understand how to adequately handle the different classifications of data, as defined in 4-008. It is your responsibility as an employee to read and understand all UCF Policies concerning proper and ethical use of technology on campus.


If you would like to request customized training for your department please submit a “Security Awareness and Education” ticket via Service-Now.

If you have suspicions that a security event has occurred, report this to the Security Incident Response Team as soon as possible by clicking this link. Students can report such an incident by emailing details to SIRT@UCF.EDU


Faculty & Staff Guidelines

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Code of Conduct

The INTEGRITYLINE allows you to report ethical concerns without the fear of retaliation
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