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Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month

October 2023

Empowering IT and InfoSec Teams During Cybersecurity Awareness Month

  • MGM Resorts Hit: Cyberattack Inflicts $100 Million Blow
  • NSA Unveils AI Security Center: Fortifying National Defense
  • FDA Tightens Cybersecurity for Medical Devices, Empowering Vigilance
  • RICO Lawsuit: H&R Block, Google, Meta Accused in Data Privacy Case
  • Signal Boosts Security: Quantum-Resistant Encryption in E2EE
  • Microsoft AI Blunder: Terabytes of Sensitive Data Exposed
  • Critical Privilege Escalation Flaw in Windows CNG Service
  • Apple iOS and iPadOS at Risk: Kernel Privilege Escalation
September 2023

Elevate Security: National Insider Threat Awareness Month 2023

  • Chinese Hackers Breach Japan's Cyber Agency, Prompting Cybersecurity Boost
  • Univ. of Michigan Halts Internet After Cyberattack: Classes Unaffected
  • US Govt Email Services Hacked via Barracuda Zero-Day
  • Cybercriminals Threaten Ransom Over GDPR Fines: 'Digital Peace Tax' Scheme
  • UK Cyber Agency Warns Against Chatbot Prompt Injection Threats
  • Cisco VPNs Breached: Brute Force Attacks by Akira Ransomware Group
  • WinRAR < 6.23 allows code execution via malicious ZIP archives
  • Adobe ColdFusion allows arbitrary code execution without user interaction.
August 2023

Strengthening Password Security: A Vital Guide for IT and Infosec Pros

  • Facebook Zero-Day Phishing Attack
  • Hackers Exploiting Windows Search for Remote Access Trojans
  • Israel's Top Oil Refinery Site Offline Following DDoS Attack
  • You can have security without privacy, but you can't have privacy without security.
  • Canon Inkjet Printers Expose Wi-Fi Threat
  • AI-Enhanced Phishing Driving Ransomware Surge
  • Heart Monitoring Tech Provider Confirms Cyberattack
  • Memory Safety Bugs Present in Firefox
  • Apple Apps May be Able to Modify Sensitive Kernel State
July 2023

The Evolution of Phishing Attacks and Detection Best Practices

  • Japan's Largest Port Hit with a Ransomware Attack
  • CISA Issues Warning for Cardiac Device System Vulnerability
  • Microsoft Denies Major 30 Million Customer-Breach
  • New Tools Capable of Sending External Malware to Microsoft Teams
  • Threat Actors are Exploiting WordPress Zero-Day to Create Secret Admin Accounts
  • UK's Law Could Allow for Real-Time Internet Logs
  • Google Chromium V8 Type Confusion Vulnerability
  • Samsung Mobile Devices Improper Input Validation Vulnerability
June 2023

The Dangers of Using AI in Handling Sensitive Information

  • Microsoft to Pay $20 Million Penalty for Illegally Collecting Kids' Data on Xbox
  • US Aerospace Contractor Hacked With 'PowerDrop' Backdoor
  • 2.5M Impacted by Enzo Biochem Data Leak After Ransomware Attack
  • New Zero-Click Hack Targets iOS Users with Stealthy Root-Privilege Malware
  • New PowerDrop Malware Targeting U.S. Aerospace Industry
  • Idaho Hospitals Hit by a Cyberattack that Impacted their Operations
  • Cisco IOS 12.2(15) and earlier allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service
  • Firefox for Android Memory corruption and a potentially exploitable
May 2023

Reducing Phishing Attacks

  • The DOJ Detected the SolarWinds Hack 6 months Earlier than First Disclosed
  • Malware-Free Cyberattacks on the Rise
  • Google’s New Two-Factor Authentication Isn’t End-to-End Encrypted, Tests Show
  • Microsoft Edge is Leaking User Browsing Data to Bing
  • Trigona Ransomware Targets Microsoft SQL Servers
  • Google Gets Court Order to Take Down CryptBot That Infected Over 670,000 Computers
  • Apache Log4j2 Deserialization of Untrusted Data Vulnerability
  • Oracle WebLogic Server Unspecified Vulnerability
April 2023

MFA for Webcourses

  • Microsoft Introduces Microsoft Security Copilot
  • Jefferson County Schools Hit by Ransomware
  • Genesis Market Platform Seized by Police
  • Hackers Exploiting WordPress Elementor Pro Vulnerability
  • UK Bans TikTok from Government Mobile Phones
  • Bing Search Results Hijacked via Misconfigured Microsoft App
  • Multiple Google Chrome Vulnerabilities Could Allow for Arbitrary Code Execution
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption Vulnerability
March 2023

Password Vaults

  • LastPass Says Employee’s Home Computer Was Hacked, Corporate Vault Taken
  • Dole, Food Giant, Was Hit by Ransomware and Temporarily Halts North American Production
  • Ransomware Gang Uses New Zero-Day to Steal Data on 1 Million Patients
  • News Corp Revealed That Attackers Remained on Its Network for Two Years
  • Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome Could Allow for Arbitrary Code Execution
  • Samsung Message Guard Protects Mobile Devices Against Zero-Click Exploits
  • Sensitive US Military Emails Spill Online
  • Hackers Steal Activision Games and Employee Data
February 2023

Vulnerability Management

  • ChatGPT Writes Malware
  • NortonLifeLock Breached, Password Manager Accounts
  • Unknown Hackers Steal 124,000 Patient Files from Texas Care Center
  • Ransomware Attack Against University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Azure Services SSRF Vulnerabilities Exposed Internal Endpoints
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability
  • Critical Patches Issued for Microsoft Products
January 2023

Security Operations Center (SOC)

  • LOG4SHELL Anniversary
  • LastPass Data Breach
  • McGraw Hill Data Leak
  • Multiple Vulnerabilities In Apple Products Could Allow For Arbitrary Code Execution
  • A Vulnerability In KSMBD For Linux Could Allow For Remote Code Execution
  • Lockbit Ransomware Gang Apologizes, Provides Decryptor
  • CISA Adds Two Known Exploited Vulnerabilities To Catalog
  • Upcoming Security Initiatives