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Today’s sophisticated cyber security threats require the use of strong authentication systems to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive online information resources. The Information Security Office (InfoSec) and UCF IT have implemented the Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) service to protect myUCF, enhance security and reduce risks.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is required for all University of Central Florida faculty and staff using Microsoft Office 365 applications (Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, etc.). MFA provides an additional layer of security when logging into online applications, ensuring that only you can access your accounts – even if your account is compromised. With MFA enabled, you will still log in with your NID and NID password, then verify your identity with your phone, tablet, or another device of your choosing. This will safeguard data, privacy and sensitive information for you and the university.

Using MFA to protect your accounts

MFA is required when using privileged access or when accessing highly restricted data. It is highly recommended for all other use cases. MFA is available to both employees and students.

Contact the UCF Support Center at or 407-823-5117 option 9.

See how easy

Enhance account security with MFA!

See why Duo Push notifications make it easy to use MFA!

MFA resources for students

Students will be required to protect their Office 365 Knights email (and OneDrive) accounts by enabling Microsoft MFA using the Authenticator App.

MFA resources for employees

Employees with access to Restricted or Highly Restricted information resources are required to sign on using Duo MFA. All employees must enroll in and use the MFA service to view or change their direct deposit and W-2 information.

For more information including instructions on enrolling in the MFA service, please use the resources provided on this page.